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It’s a common one because it’s not immediately apparent when you’re doing it – but it’s definitely a violation of conference call etiquette. An easy way to discourage audio conferences from starting late is to move forward with the agenda even if all the participants aren’t on the line. Sticking to your schedule will make it clear that your calls start when they’re scheduled. Whether it’s your first conference call or one-thousandth, you should be familiar with the basics of phone meeting etiquette. Here are 10 tips to make sure your meetings go off without a hitch.

How to Properly Conduct a Conference Call - Business News Daily

How to Properly Conduct a Conference Call.

Posted: Fri, 24 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Eating and drinking during a meeting is rude enough (assuming it's not catered like many in-person meetings are). However, eating and drinking on a conference call can be maddening. There's no call too long that eating before and/or after isn't suitable. Basic etiquette in today's digital, global era can be a challenge, especially when you only have one form of communication to rely on.

Record Your Calls

Everything you need to know about accounting equationing your next free conference call. If you don't, at least establish what would warrant another call ("...when we finish the PowerPoint"). And lastly, follow through with any promises you made during the call. If you have a soft voice, sit as close to the phone as you can. And if this continues to be a problem, consider ordering a conferencing phone such as the ErisStation that comes with detachable microphones.

When quality is what matters, there's just one choice. Eating up the meeting's oxygen with a specialized topic wastes the time of everybody else on the conference call. By being upfront, you save everyone from scratching their heads. To the participants can provide a summary of what was covered, and gives them an opportunity to come back with questions or issues they might have.

Act and speak as if you’re in person

A distracted room can ruin the quality of the meeting recording and potentially make you lose out on details. Reach out to all participants to make sure everyone knows what software will be used, and whether any special settings are necessary. Global Translated SubtitlesTranslated on-screen subtitles for videos. If you walked into a room with 10 other employees, you would probably take a moment to say hello, right? But if you were in a large conference hall with 1,000 other guests, you wouldn't step on stage to wish them well after the presentation.

Conference Call Etiquette: Are You An Offender? - PR Newswire

Conference Call Etiquette: Are You An Offender?.

Posted: Thu, 16 Jul 2015 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Depending on the state you are conducting business in, many do not require consent . The call leader likelyprepared an agendaahead of the call… take advantage of it! Use the agenda as a roadmap to prepare some questions. Also, if you know you’ll be expected to contribute, make sure you’re prepared.

Quick Guide to Conference Call Etiquette

Secondly, it can be distracting for other members of the conference call. But in many cases, they can hear that you’re working on other things. This will send a signal to other participants that you don’t value the meeting. Especially if you’re the host, this will lead to everyone else trivialising the meeting as well. The UK government has changed flexible working rights since 2014, so that employees who have been working full-time for a company or organisation can lawfully request flexible working.

conference call etiquette

Her book The New Rules of Work, written with her co-founder Kathryn, came out in April 2017. Outside the office, Alex can be found on her road bike or deep in a book. Keep track of next steps as the call goes on, and send them around via email afterward as a reminder. If you have more than three people on the line, the organizer should do a quick roll call to make sure everyone is there, and introduce them briefly if possible. Keep the call to as few people as possible, and make sure everyone there is really necessary.

However, slides can often ruin the flow of conference calls and be a major barrier for remote attendees. Most conference calls still take place with a desk phone, via voice alone. The lack of visual cues, such as body language, is perhaps the most significant barrier conference call participants encounter when trying to communicate effectively. Dropped calls are annoying - especially when you're having a conversation with a large group of people in dispersed locations.

Types of Digital Transformation Tools Your Business Needs Now

Phone conference etiquette is easy to grasp once you know what to do. Except for the one speaking, it’s good conference call etiquette to mute your mouthpiece. This is because background noises can negatively impact the quality of the conference call.

7 Tips for Minding Your Manners During Conference Calls - Entrepreneur

7 Tips for Minding Your Manners During Conference Calls.

Posted: Wed, 10 Jun 2015 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The meeting organizer may also call participants individually to add them to the conference line, a practice known as ad hoc conferencing. If you’re the one recording the call, common phone meeting etiquette dictates that you inform your conference participants that the call is being recorded. Some conferencing services may automatically notify participants, but others will require that you verbally communicate the recording with the other meeting members. Businesses use conference calls daily to meet with remote parties, both internally and outside of their company. Conference calling is viewed as a primary means of cutting travel costs and allowing workers to be more productive by not having to go out-of-office for meetings.

If you are the call organizer, it is your job to call on people to participate if they are not speaking up and someone else is monopolizing the conversation. Introduce yourself –When starting a conference call, never forget to introduce yourself. It’s very important that people know and get accustomed to your voice, so they understand who is talking. Set time limits –Since the meeting isn’t personal, it’s very easy to get off the topic. Set strict time limits and remember that you have a specific amount of time to handle everything you need to discuss.


Web conferencing software allows an organizer to set the key parameters for the online meeting, such as its dial-in, PIN, and URL, from a web interface or dedicated desktop or mobile app. This provides a bit more flexibility than having to handle everything from an IP phone. For these types of conferences, the bridge is the web server behind the conferencing service. Since everything goes over an IP network such as the public internet, calling costs can be kept down, e.g. when making international conference calls between farflung remote teams. Participants dial in using a conference bridge number, which connects them to a common virtual meeting room that can be joined by people almost anywhere in the world.


Business conference calls are usually hosted or operator-assisted, with a variety of features. Conference calls are used by nearly all United States public corporations to report their quarterly results. These calls usually allow for questions from stock analysts and are called earnings calls. A standard conference call begins with a disclaimer stating that anything said in the duration of the call may be a forward-looking statement, and that results may vary significantly. The CEO, CFO, or investor relations officer then will read the company's quarterly report. Lastly, the call is opened for questions from analysts.

Odds are, you wouldn’t slouch during a work meeting if your boss or colleagues were in the room with you, would you? Believe it or not, the same rule applies in teleconferencing etiquette. You’d be surprised how many people can tell the difference in someone’s posture over the phone. Spotty connection can ruin a conference call and waste peoples’ time. Recordings are great reference points for reviewing meetings and holding people accountable.

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